Top 10 favourite movies


So far I have done a post about my Top 10 favorite songs and Top 10 favorite T.V shows, but I have not done a post about my Top 10 favorite movies. So I am going to write a top 10 movies post. This post is also going to be my last blog post.

+1. The Proposal. I have watched that movie at least 5 times and I love it I think it is really funny.

2. You again. It is a really funny movie and I enjoy watching it.

3. The lovely bones. It was a kinda scary movie but it is also really good.

4. Scream 1. It is kinda funny and scary.

5. Life of pie. It is a really good movie. I really loved it.

6. My sisters keeper. It is a sad movie but it is really good.

7. Finding Nemo. It is one of my favorite movies. It is also kinda funny.

8. 21 Jump Street. It is a really funny movie!

9. Easy A. It is really funny!

10. Jack Reacher. It is a really great action movie, and I love it!

Well since this is my last blog post ever I just wanted to say……. “Bye”

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In the summer, hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better.

I think that summer is the BEST season of all the seasons because of the tans. The lakes and beaches!

My friends and I made a summer bucket list so I will write down some of them.

  • Use fake name at Starbucks
  • Paint Fight
  • Giant sleepover
  • Play Beach volleyball
  • Make it count!

PB sunset over the pier
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Nathan Rupert via Compfight

I don’t like summer…. I LOVE IT!





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Scotch Broom


Scottish broom is a weed, it may look all innocent but it’s not. Some people think the weed plant looks beautiful but most people don’t and I am one of those people.  This broom will grow in a blink of an eye.  The broom was brought to B.C. by Captain Walter Grant who planted the broom on his farm in Vancouver. That  was a mistake. They broom quickly spread up the east coast of Vancouver Island, then invaded the Gulf Islands and mainland.

The broom has smallish yellow flowers and lots of them. They are very bright. They have green stems and leaves, they can grow almost anywhere. You can usually find it in the forests outside. It is a problem because its taking up so much space and destroying other plants. Deer will not eat it and it is hard for them to get through it! A lot of people are allergic to it. I just want it to be gone.

Proof read by.



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Top 10 TV shows


Hello everyone I am doing a post about my favourite TV shows. Enjoy. :) This is not in order.

1.  Pretty Little liars. I know a lot of people that watch it and I also watch it to. It is kinda spooky and it always has a twist

2. The Mentalist. I don’t know that many people that watch it, but I really like it and it is scary.

3. Gilmore Girls because it the is the best show you will ever watch and nothing can beat it. ~Sam

4. The Walking Dead. It is about zombies and it is creepy.

5. NCIS. It is a murder show and it is a really good show.

6. Criminal Minds. It is about a criminal behavior and  a lot of people watch it.

7.  Celebrity Wife Swap.  It is a really funny show and I enjoy watching it.

8.  CSI. I really like this show and enjoy watching it.

9.  NCIS: Los Angeles. I find this show a bit exciting and I love watching it.

10.  Survivor. I find it really entertaining and intense.


What is your favourite show? Are any of the ones I listed your favourite?


Read by:  Sam and Becky

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Does the Word “Cuneiform” Ring a Bell?


A pencil, pen and paper may sound familiar, but does a clay tablet and a stylus ring a bell?

About 5 thousand years ago the people that lived in Mesopotamia created language. Not just any language, the first known written language. It was a full system of writing.

Cuneiform was used for more then 22 centuries! About in the 34th centuries the cuneiform writing was replaced by normal writing, the writing that you are reading right now!

How did they do it? they did it? The Mesopotamians did not write on a piece of paper like we do. They wrote on a piece of soft clay. First they flattened the top of the clay, then they wrote the words by pressing the stylus onto the clay to leave a mark. When they finished the writing they dried it and what they wrote became permanent.

The first kind of writing Mesopotamia had pictures to make a word, they were called pictographs. Pictographs were used to communicate basic information about crops and taxes.


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Top Ten Songs


I Decide to Create a post about my favourite songs. You can comment and tell me if you like these song choices or if you dont, Why? What is your favourite song?

I <3 Music

  1. Locked Out Of Heaven. By Bruno Mars
  2. Va Va Voom. By Nicki Minaj
  3. Heart Attack. By One Direction
  4. 22. By Taylor Swift
  5. They Don’t Know About Us. By One Direction
  6. All Most Do. By Taylor Swift
  7. Rock Me. By One Direction
  8. Red. By Taylor Swift
  9. Kiss You. By One Direction
  10. Little Things. By One Direction

                         Bonus Song.

11. Diamonds. By Rihanna


Photo Credit: Dia™ via Compfight cc

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Did you know that a donkey’s favorite passtime is rolling in the grass, mud, and dirt? The donkey is my favorite wild animal ever because I find it very interesting.

Not a lot of people find donkeys interesting, though. I don’t know why… I think every one should find a donkey interesting!

I would love to be this animal because I would love to just walk around and have fun and roll in the grass! I think it would be really fun being a donkey for a day.

Here are some interesting facts about the donkey.

  • Donkeys can live over 50 years.
  • Donkeys are very strong and intelligent
  • Donkeys are stronger then a horse the same size as them.
  • Donkeys have a incredible memory.

Here is a website that has a lot of cool facts about donkeys.

Photo by: iandavid

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A pencil may not be that fascinating to some of you, but I think it is awesome!

My favourite object in school is a pencil. Why, you ask? Well, I will tell you.

A pencil is not just a pencil. To me, it is a creative tool, you can draw and write with, and express yourself with.  You can be in your own little world, drawing and writing. That is why the pencil is my favourite object in school!
They Were All Yellow- Explored
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: las – initially via Compfight


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Truck Head


It was Fall Vacation and I was walking home from school. When I walked in the door, My dog was in his kennel and my mom looked sad.

I asked, “Why is Mushu in his kennel?”

And she told me, “Mushu almost met his maker”

I asked her what that meant and she said that means that he almost died!

I was in shock. ” What do you mean he almost died?” I said. “How?”

She described it this way: “I opened the garage door and Mushu was in the garage, and he saw the neighbors pulling out of there driveway and he took off after the car. They never saw him and they stopped at the stop sign,  Mushu ran in front of the car. As he did a big truck came and didn’t see him and hit him and sent him flying! ”

My mom heard the thud! He was in shock and my mom and Clint carried him back to the house. When they got him into the house he was still in shock so Clint put him down on the ground and massaged his heart.

Finally Mushu came out of shock and he was bleeding from his tongue because he bit it. Other than that he never broke anything or or lost blood anywhere else! But he could not see out of one of his eyes and could not walk properly.

3 Weeks Later.

Mushu is getting way better.  He can walk and he is  playing with his toys, too

You could not tell that he got hit by a truck! So now we call him Truck head!

True Story.




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The Unknown Soldier


The Unknown Soldier
I am in a land far away fighting to stay alive,
killing my enemies, hoping every day
that I will make it through to night.
Thinking about my family and praying that I will see them again.

It is called war. It is a horrible thing.
That you can never erase from your mind.

There is alot of things to fear like getting killed and pesky rodents stealing our only food and you fear to sleep.

It is a living nightmare out here.

The trenches were cold and wet.
It was very boring
there was nothing to do.
You could not get up and go for a walk
because you would not want to risk getting shot.
You would just sit and do nothing.

Almost every day someone would die
because they were shot, blown up or died of natural causes like a disease.

One day I was one of them
I was shot and died.
Before I died I heard gunshots
and a lot of screaming.

I fell onto the muddy ground,
I cried for help but no one came.

In 2000 I was found and brought from Vimy Ridge
to Ottawa.

Now every remembrance day people put there poppies
on my tomb
To this day I can still hear the sound of gunshots, the Bombs,
the Screaming and cries for help.

But now I rest in peace.
I am the Unknown Soldier.




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